Terms and conditions

You are granted access to use iView

Terms and Conditions apply to both published and unpublished data unless otherwise stated.

The right of access cannot be transferred to anyone else.

You must:

  • Use or present it with full understanding of its shortcomings and limitations

You may:

  • Download or print individual documents or other items from the materials in iView.

You must not:

  • Systematically download and/or archive materials from iView or create multiple copies of individual documents
  • Remove any copyright notices or other notices contained in materials retrieved from iView

For unpublished data, in addition to those restrictions listed above:

Unpublished data can be used for management purposes only (supporting the day to data management and operation of an organisation or for decision making). The information is restricted and unpublished

You must keep it appropriately restricted

You may:

  • Analyse it to identify current or imminent problems requiring action
  • Use it in metrics, indicators and management scorecards for use as below
  • Use it to issue management instructions down the line
  • Bring it to the attention of other managers where access has also been granted to them, so that they can take appropriate action

You must not:

  • Attempt to identify individuals from the data
  • Use it for purposes other than those agreed
  • Use it to make a public statement, cause or allow it to appear in public
  • Try to influence the timing or content of publications, including methods and definitions
  • Circulate it, or allow it to be circulated beyond the people to whom access has been granted
  • Use it contrary to the advice of the HSCIC Head of Statistics Profession

Accidental or wrongful release must be reported to the HSCIC promptly, may need to be reported to the National Statistician, may lead to an inquiry and may affect the future availability of data. Release includes indications of content, such as "favourable" or "unfavourable". Contact enquiries@nhsdigital.nhs.uk for further advice

Job titles of those granted access for management purposes are not routinely published, but the list may be made public on request.

For All Data the following applies:

Small Numbers
Information about an individual that is not already public must not be identifiable, or able to be deduced from HSCIC statistics. Even if you obtain HSCIC permission to reproduce material, you must not release any figures in public that could allow this.

Any number, rate or percentage derived from HSCIC statistics must be suppressed if there is a risk of identification. Figures that may identify individuals when subtracted from totals, sub totals or other published figures must also be suppressed.

Unless otherwise stated, the Health and Social Care Information Centre owns the copyright in all material on this site. Any use of iView materials in part or in whole should include customary bibliographic citation:

"Copyright © 2012, Re-used with the permission of the Health and Social Care Information Centre. All rights reserved."

Re-use of data from iView

If you wish to re-use any data from iView for any other purpose you must ask us for specific permission and it is our decision whether to allow such re-use. Applications for re-use should be submitted to enquiries@nhsdigital.nhs.uk

Freedom of Information Act 2000

If you receive a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 which would include data obtained from iView, you must advise us of the request and proposed response, allowing us sufficient time to provide you with our view on disclosure. The rules on suppression of small numbers will still be applicable.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre reserves the right to undertake an audit to ensure that all terms and conditions are being abided by.

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