Statement of Fitness for Work (fit note or MED3) Data

The Statement of Fitness for Work (known as a ‘fit note’) was introduced in April 2010 across England, Wales and Scotland. Fit notes are issued by doctors, usually GPs, following an assessment of a patient’s fitness for work. A GP may also use the option of ‘may be fit for work’ and provide advice on how work may be resumed, considering what adjustments or adaptations to the job role or workplace would be required. DWP funded a project in 2012 to embed the computer-generated fit note into GP IT systems. This was completed in 2014. The project included the capability to collect aggregated data generated by the issue of fit notes by GPs.

What information is available?

The iView GP Practice Fit Note Data shows the number, duration and types of Fit Notes issued and dispensed by GP Practices in England. The data is aggregated and fully anonymised. No patient-level information is extracted nor can an individual patient be identified. Measures taken to ensure data is non-disclosive include small number suppression, where numbers lower than 5 will appear as ‘*’. Data can be viewed at GP Practice, Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Area Team and Region level.

It currently contains the following data:

  • - Total number of fit notes issued.
  • - GP Practice Code.
  • - Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) of GP Practice.
  • - Other geographical breakdowns.
  • - Diagnosis (aggregated ICD10 code).
  • - Duration of fit note (< 21 Days, >= 21 Days and INDEFINITE).
  • - Fit note statement date.
  • - Gender of patient
  • - Not fit for work flag
  • - Maybe fit for work flag

When does the information date from?

The earliest data available is from December 2014.

How often is the information updated?

The data is updated weekly, when available.

Who can access it?

This information is only available to registered users from the Department for Work and Pensions. Users must provide a valid Department for Work and Pensions email address when registering in order to gain further information on how to access to the data.

Department for Work and Pensions analysts should email the team responsible for this data collection at to gain authorisation to access the data and arrange for an iView account. Any other queries relating to access should be addressed to the NHS Digital contact centre on 0300 303 5678 or emailing

How can it be used?

Unpublished data. Management Information Only. Please see full Terms and Conditions for further information.

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