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What information is available?

iView Workforce Annual Census contains data on the numbers of staff in the NHS collected for the annual workforce census, but in greater detail than the standard published tables:

Please note: The headcount figures for 2010 are based on a new methodology which is not fully comparable with previous years so 2006 to 2009 data is separate from the data for 2010. The new methodology aligns the headcount figures for GPs, Hospital and Community Medical and Dental Doctors and Non-medical staff so all headcount figures are now calculated in exactly the same way. The new methodology is also consistent with the headcount figures already in use within the Workforce Monthly staff-in-post data.

Headcount is now a more precise count of the total number of staff in either part time or full time employment within an organisation and/or area of work. The main difference for the annual census is that headcount figures for Non-medical staff and GPs are a more precise count of absolute staff numbers at a National level as the methodology has changed from counting all contracts and job roles in different Trusts to one of counting unique individuals. This results in duplicate individuals being removed at every level so when totalling, duplication is removed and the headcount total will typically be less than the sum of its component parts.

It currently contains the following datasets:

When does the information date from?

The earliest annual census data available in iView is from September 2006.

How often is the information updated?

Census data is updated annually, the date of the latest annual census is 2010. More frequent publications of workforce data are available in iView in the Monthly Workforce area.

Who can access it?

This information is currently only available to employees from the NHS or Department of Health. Users must provide a valid NHS or Department of Health email address when registering in order to gain access to the data.

How can it be used?

Published data. Please see full Terms and Conditions for further information.

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